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Lutein Extract

Extracted from marigold flowers, lutein is an excellent antioxidant and a member of the carotenoid family. Lutein is the main pigment in the macular area of the retina in the human eye. It has an important protective effect on the macula in the retina and is a key nutrient element that helps the development of the eye. At the same time, lutein can also be sold as a raw material for feed coloring agents.

Production mode of the whole industry chain

Global layout of its own raw material base

In the global layout of advantageous raw material bases, Shuhe Biotechnology currently has 200,000 mu of marigold raw material bases in Xinjiang and Yunnan, and has also established marigold planting bases in India and Zambia.

Establish stable cooperative relations with the Corps, suppliers, local governments, and farmers to ensure the supply of raw materials and the stability of the industrial chain.

Innovate purchasing mode, reduce purchasing cost, purchase according to content, and increase unit output and content of fresh flowers.

Large-scale, continuous and automated production mode

Shuhe Biology has established a number of continuous, large-scale and automated processing production lines in China, with large processing capabilities.

The company has an equipment manufacturing company in Yingkou, China, with independent innovation, continuous equipment transformation, and full content control, with high production yields and low processing costs.

Reliable quality control

In Shuhe Biology has a team of high-quality testing personnel, advanced testing equipment, and a complete quality testing system.

A high-level testing center escorts the production of high-quality products.

Quality service and sales

Shuhe Biology has a professional sales team of various categories and a continuously improving dealer sales system model.

We endorse industry status and brand value, and adhere to the concept of customer-centered, profit to customers, and integrity management.

We adhere to the core cultural concept of "people and enterprise develop together", and live together with customers for a win-win situation.

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